Low weight a perfect balance By removing weight from the headstock, your guitar can be made very light and yet remain balan-ced.You can play with greater comfort for longer.


Patent Pending EndurNeck™ Our patent pending promotes a more correct playing position. You will play more relaxed, and as a result: faster, EndurNeck™ profile better, and for longer -with less fatigue and less risk of injury.


Scale lengths adapted to you Fanned frets and the patent pending Endur-Neck™allow your wrist to remain relaxed throughout the range of play. The extra length on the bass side enhan-ces sustain, and the shorter treble side makes bends easier.


Versatile body shape The body shape provides multiple seated playing positions for maximum comfort and versatility, to suit any playing style.


Space age materials The hunt for low weight and high performance has led us to selection of aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber as integral parts of the construction.


Proprietary hardware The custom made .strandberg* hardware is a key component of the sound. Incredibly light aircraft grade aluminium transfers vibrations effectively into the wood.

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