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Welcome to our second lefty production run! We are very excited to work with you to fill this important gap in the guitar segment. Besides the investment we are making ourselves in establishing the production line for lefties, we are doing this in a crowdsourcing fashion, which means that unless we get a certain order quantity, we cannot proceed. Each model (6-/7-/8-string) will be counted and run separately, so we need 20 orders with any one model in order to proceed. It is possible to do only 20 pcs 6-strings, for example, and the 7-/8-string runs being cancelled and refunded. But based on the interest we have seen, we are more than hopeful to complete at least the 6-string tremolo batch.

The possible specs were collected earlier through a Facebook group and other social media, and were used to set up the options here. The guitars will be priced the same as their righty equivalents and have the same basic specifications. Please see the product pages for them regarding specs (Swamp Ash body, Flame Maple top, Birdseye Maple neck, black rev 5 hardware, Ebony knobs, etc)

The terms:

  1. SPECS: choose your desired specs in the drop down lists. These are the available options that were determined in the Facebook group. All of these options are available, so as long as the run is not cancelled altogether, you will receive your chosen spec.
  2. PRICE: the price is same price as the righty Boden OS guitars (but with a slight reservation for unforeseen events).
  3. ORDER QUANTITY: Minimum order quantity is 20 (with no max), so if we do not collect ALL 20 deposits for the run we cannot proceed!
  4. DEPOSIT: Deposit is a flat fee of €500.00 due to secure a spot in this run with final payment due before guitar is shipped.
  5. REFUNDS: ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS TO OTHER BUYERS, NO EXCEPTIONS; we apologize but from our past experience this was too much administration for our processes to cope with. Please make absolutely sure you want to buy before giving a deposit. If we do not receive the minimum order quantity, all refunds will be given back (this is worst case scenario so hopefully we don't have to do this).
  6. SHIPPING: If your country is available as a shipping destination in our online shop, we can ship there. If not, please do contact to check if something can be worked out regardless.
  7. BUILD TIME: Build time is 120-150 days after collection of deposits and close of run orders
  8. PAYMENT: Before the delivery, you will be asked to pay the balance + shipping cost. To find out in advance what the total cost will be, place a righty guitar in the shopping cart, go to “view cart” and use the “calculate shipping” function.
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