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UPDATE 1 June, 2017: due to an overwhelming demand on the Custom Shop, we are temporarily not accepting new orders. Please feel free to design your dream guitar and we can take you through the process later this year!

The .strandberg* Varberg shape, combines excellent ergonomics with style and aesthetics. It is named after the city Varberg on the west coast of Sweden, which is one of the few places in Sweden with a possibility of wave surfing – the lines of the shape flirt with surf guitar aesthetics.

The innovative Varberg concept is based on an approach with a composite top layer, a chambered middle layer, and a back layer. The Rock Maple, Alder and Mahogany provide a versatile tone, applicable to all types of music. As all .strandberg* guitars, it is quick respond and “organic” sounding. It is slightly heavier than the Boden design, but still lighter than most guitars, weighing in under 2.5 kg/5.5 lbs, and yet remains perfectly balanced. The contoured body shape allows multiple comfortable seated playing positions and the low weight saves your shoulders and neck. The patent pending EndurNeck™ shape relaxes muscles, joints, and tendons in your hand, wrist and forearm, and encourages a more correct playing position. When you feel better, you sound better. The Varberg is also available with 25.5″ True Temperament™ Thidell Formula 1, and new for 2017 is a fixed bridge 25.5″ – 25″ 6-string, a 25.75″ – 25″ 7-string, and (experimental) 27″ – 26″ 8-string which is in development.

Delivery time is usually 2-3 months from time of completed payment. Delivery is via UPS and a telephone number is required for the order, so please make sure you provide it when you register.

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Bolt-On construction

Book-matched Rock Maple top

Chambered Alder core

Mahogany back

EndurNeck™ profile neck

3-pc Birdseye Maple neck with carbon fiber fillets

Birdseye Maple fretboard

25.25”/25.5″-25″/25.75″-25″/27″-26″ scale

16-20” compound radius

24 x jumbo stainless steel frets

.strandberg* EGS Series 5 tremolo or fixed bridge & string locks, black


Learn more about the endurneck here.

Choice of pickups
3-way pickup selector
Ebony Volume/Tone controls
Black hardware
Luminlay side dot markers
2.5 kg / 5.5 pounds approximate weight
String gauges: .010 – .046
Matte Poly finish

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 101 x 47 x 20 cm

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